Death is Coming to Town

Itís not your ordinary holiday season. In fact, you may never think of Christmas the same way again.

“Heís Making a List”
Marcie loves everything about Christmas, and sheís planning a very special holiday gift for her husband Kelly, the man of her dreams. However, her laptop computer reveals he may not be the man she thought he was, and that perhaps a much different gift is in order.

“Checking It Twice”
Everyone tells Roger heís handled divorce better than anyone they know. And thatís trueóup to a point. This Christmas heís busy keeping holiday traditions alive for his three young daughters, and things are looking up. Or are they?

“Gonna Find Out”
Itís Christmas Day at York Town Races and Games casino in the mountains of West Virginia, and almost everyone at the blackjack tables is one of the regulars. But cards arenít the only things in play as the regulars find themselves dealing with a case of boorish holiday behavior by one of their own.

“Whoís Naughty or Nice”
Three things are certain in this small town: Death, taxes, and the fact that Mildred Puckett will most definitely win the holiday bake-off competition and saleóagain. This year, though, Mildred may have bitten off a bit more than she can chew.

Death is Coming to Town
Death is Coming to Town
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